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Prevent Ice Dams From Forming During Winter

We all have a unique reaction to snowfall. For some it’s enjoyment, for others disgust. And your roofing system can also have a unique reaction to wintery conditions, including ice dams.

You may not even be aware of what an ice dam actually is. An ice dam is something that occurs when the snow on your roof starts to melt. Ice dams form on the side of a roof and can lead to very serious and long-lasting damage.

For some homeowners, it’s something that goes unnoticed and unaddressed. But it shouldn’t. Ice dams can cause plenty of damage to not only your roof but your entire home so it's something you need to act on before the negative ramifications start unfolding.

The first step is prevention. So how do you prevent ice dams from forming? Removing snow from your roof will go a long way to aid in your prevention efforts in getting ahead of the formation of any ice dams.

For any would-be handymen who think their trusty hammer will do the trick on an ice dam, that’s a big no-no. You also don’t want to use a chisel or any other similar tool. It’s an injury risk and also poses the risk of further damaging your home.

So what happens when you aren’t able to set up your prevention tactics and an ice dam forms? They can lead to leaks, cracks, and, in the worst case, collapse. Removing snow and ice before it settles (or forms ice dams) on your roof could be the key to preventing those types of winter roofing damages that are caused by ice dams.

The pros at Honest Abe Roofing can help any homeowner who needs assistance with ice dams, roof repairs or a roofing replacement! Contact The Reliable Roofer today to learn more.

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