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When Is The Best Time To Replace A Roof

Sometimes, major accidents or emergencies happen and you have no choice but to schedule a roof replacement right away. But typically, homeowners know that their roof will need to be replaced within the next year or so due to old age. When that’s the case, you may be left wondering if some seasons are better than others to schedule a replacement.

Fall Is The Best Time For A Roof Replacement

1. Fall has ideal weather conditions.

While summer days are long and hot, and winter weather is cold and icy, fall has some of the most ideal weather conditions — the weather is cool, the days are still long enough, and the chance for storms is low.

2. Protect your home before winter arrives.

Once winter arrives, ice dams and snowstorms make it difficult for workers to make repairs to your roof or completely replace it. Plus, shingles need to be properly sealed well before winter comes along. This will ensure they’re strong enough to withstand cold, dry weather, and high winds.

3. Save on heating costs.

A shotty roof with poor insulation, leaks, and holes can wreak havoc on your energy bills in the winter. Don’t waste money heating air that’s escaping through your roof.

4. Prevent small animals from moving in.

When the cold weather rolls through, small critters and insects look for warmth and shelter in nearby homes. If your roof is missing shingles or has holes in it, small animals can easily make their way inside. Before long, you could find yourself with a serious rodent infestation on your hands.

Are you in need of a new roof? Honest Abe Roofing offers superior residential roofing services including maintenance, installation, and repairs. We want to protect your home with a reliable, high-quality, and affordable roofing system.

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