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A Reliable Roofer That Emphasizes Loyalty

Located in the heart of Austin, Honest Abe Roofing Austin is the go-to residential roof repair company for anyone seeking quality work. We make sure done right and at an affordable price. We represent a national franchise that has been celebrated for its unrivaled workmanship and loyalty since 2005. Honest Abe is the most dependable option out there. Our highly skilled roofing contractors utilize the best, most up-to-date equipment. They also use thehighest-grade materials to ensure your roof lasts a lifetime. In fact, we are so sure of the roof repair services we offer that we provide all customers a list of guarantees that remain unmatched in the industry.

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The Everyday Heroics of Honest Abe Roofing

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Here at Honest Abe, we understand that a sturdy roof over your head is paramount to feeling safe and sheltered. We are also aware that Texas weather can be quite inclement and unpredictable. That is why we have fine-tuned our business model. We're here to reassure customers that they always have an expert to rely on. Available around the clock and every day of the year, rain or shine. You can perennially count on Honest Abe to show up at the moments when roof repair matters most.

With 15 years and counting in this business, Honest Abe has shown up to every roofing emergency imaginable. We have been able to swiftly replace damaged shingles, missing shingles, and loose shingles on homes. These homes had suffered considerable roof damage. We have patched up holes in leaky roofs after wild and wet weather battered entire regions. Our roofing contractors have dealt with wind damage, hail damage, and water damage after tempestuous storms. Nothing beats experience. That's why Honest Abe Roofing Austin is ready and willing to handle virtually any task. These tasks can range from gutter repairs to insulation services to emergency situations.

Promises Honest Abe Lives By

Being completely candid and forthright with customers is a staple of Honest Abe’s esteemed reputation. Every job we accept starts with a complimentary 16-point inspection. Our routine inspection is in place to ensure customers that we understand every nuance affecting the condition of their roof.

Affordable Roof Repair in Austin

We adhere to this meticulous protocol for two primary reasons. First, we want to make sure that we do not compromise the structural integrity of your home by cutting any corners. Second, we want to be able to guarantee each customer that we have thoroughly assessed the job. In fact, we are confident in the comprehensiveness of our inspections. We always offer quotes that are locked and resolutely honored.

The following five detailed guarantees clearly illustrate why Honest Abe Roofing is trusted over competitors:

  • Ironclad Lowest-Investment Guarantee – Stumble across a comparable roof for cheaper? If the price match is located before installation and deemed a fair and reasonable equivalent, we will pay you the difference plus a $50 bonus.
  • No-Risk Guarantee – We never rely on estimates. That means you can rest assured that there will never be shocking additions or costs once a project begins. What about if something unexpected does happen after starting a project? We will cover additional work and materials at no extra cost.
  • Presidential Accountability Guarantee – What if the manufacturer refuses to honor the warranty? We promise to take on the burden of responsibility. We'll repair your roof at no extra charge for the term of your agreement.
  • Invest Once Guarantee – If at any point down the road you notice something is not right, give us a call. We will schedule a follow-up appointment to make the necessary repairs free of charge. With us, customers never pay twice for any duplicate roofing service assigned to the same residence.
  • Roof Assurance Guarantee – What if you are unsatisfied with your roof after a full calendar year? We will undo everything and refund you every penny invested.

Sick and tired of dealing with roofing companies that leave you suspicious and uneasy? We're happy to offer unequaled roofing service. This comes along with premium policies, and top-quality promises made every single time. The dedicated and dependable team at your local Honest Abe Roofing® are available to take care of your roofing needs.

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Hear From Our Happy Customers
  • “I've had three roofs replaced in my lifetime and of the three, your job was not only the most professional, but the fastest as well.”

    - Steve P.
  • “I've had three roofs replaced in my lifetime and of the three, your job was not only the most professional, but the fastest as well.”

    - Steve P.