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New Roof INSTALLATIONS in Charlotte

Are you searching for a new roof from a reliable business that backs every service with outstanding guarantees? With our services, you’ll Never Roof Again. Whether you’re building a new property or replacing a dilapidated roof. Call Honest Abe Roofing Charlotte to get the job done right the first time. Never worry about improper roof repairs or poor services. We want to be sure you have the perfect roof for your home, which is why we will come to you and conduct a 16-point inspection and discuss our findings with you. We then provide you with a new roof cost estimate, all for free. When you turn to our highly skilled and trained professionals, we get the job done right.

Roof Installation You Can Trust

Not only are our materials incredibly durable in comparison to other roofing options available. But our roof installation methods are seamless with the use of state-of-the-art equipment.

How much a roof costs in Charlotte depends on your specific wants and needs. We offer with dozens of colors, materials, and style choices. You can be assured that your new roof will match your aesthetic.

Metal Roof Customizations NEAR YOu

Becoming popular over time, metal roofs tend to outlast asphalt. The roof is a smart investment for withstanding intense storms, falling branches, and severe heat. You can’t go wrong with the durability, longevity, and energy savings of a metal roof.

At Honest Abe Roofing Charlotte, we offer several types of metal ForevRoof™ to choose from, including:

New Roof Installation in Charlotte

  • Dimensional – mimicking the look of traditional asphalt. These are stone-coated steel shingle roof panels.

  • Barrel-Vault –reminiscent of the Spanish “S” tile. Barrel vault metal tiles have added structural strength.

  • Shake – with the look of a cedar shake roof and the resilience of metal. Metal shake won’t warp or rot as conventional cedar may.

  • Tile – tougher yet more lightweight than concrete or clay tile. Metal tiles withstand the elements far better than other tile roofs.

  • Standing Seam & Ribbed – both are straight panels, the difference is that standing seam conceals fastener clips. This provides an elegant look while ribbed boldly displays the fasteners.

Asphalt Roof Customizations

Most homeowners opt for conventional asphalt roofing as an affordable and tough solution all in one.

Our asphalt shingle options include:

Install A New Roof In Charlotte

  • Strip – these are the lightest-weight shingles available, made with a singular layer.

  • Dimensional – these multi-layered, thicker shingles create a dimensional aesthetic. They also typically lasting longer than strip shingles.

  • Premium – a laminated shingle that is customizable in shape variation. These offer some of the highest levels of resistance to the elements for shingles.

  • Poly-Mod – the only asphalt shingles in our Executive Collection, these are the most popular styles available.

For quality new roof services in Charlotte, call The Reliable Roofer at (980) 243-0553 or get in touch online.

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