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Replacing a roof or having a new installation might seem overwhelming and intimidating. Those days of feeling nervous about an investment into a new roof installation are gone. When you work with Honest Abe Roofing Jacksonville, FL. we're here to make roofing comfortable. As the most sought-after roofing material, asphalt brings many benefits to your home.

Our professionals offer a number of customizations in patterns, shapes, and colors. There’s easily something for everyone.

We offer three basic asphalt shingles:

  • Strip Shingles: The lightest-weight option available, strip shingles are made with just one layer.

  • Dimensional Shingles: Level up with multi-layered, heavier shingles. Give more dimension to your roof.

  • Premium Shingles: The highest level of resistance to the elements you can achieve through asphalt. Our premium shingles are laminated and customized in different shapes.

Every roof we install comes with a Roof Assurance Guarantee. Take 365 days to test your new roof to ensure you love the quality and performance. If, after that time, you’re not completely happy, we’ll provide corrective measures for you. What if our corrective roofing services still don’t meet your satisfaction? We’ll remove the roof and offer you a full refund. Your happiness, safety, and comfort are our goals. If you have any questions about roof shingle prices, contact us today for an estimate!

The Executive Collection – Elevate Your New Asphalt Roof

Asphalt Roof Installation in Jacksonville

Our selection and products accommodate every home. The premium materials used in our Executive Collection offer you the highest quality asphalt roofing . For more information on the average cost of a new asphalt roof, get in touch with our team today!

Enjoy the ultimate asphalt roof experience with Polymer Modified Shingles. Poly-Mod shingles still give the aesthetic appeal of asphalt with a twist. The polymer provides more flexible and crack-resistant durability. This offers the benefit of installation any time of year. Plus, you’ll feel secure knowing these shingles hold their own against weather-related disasters. It’s the perfect blending of asphalt beauty with rugged strength of metal panels.

For quality asphalt roof services in Jacksonville, get in touch with our friendly team online or dial (904) 574-4249.

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