How Much Should I Pay for a New Roof?

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Posted on June 17, 2020

How Much Should I Pay for a New Roof?

Posted on June 17, 2020


How much should I pay for a new roof?

This question is commonly asked by homeowners that find themselves needing a roof replacement. Another way to frame the question is “how much does a new roof cost?”. In order to answer that question properly you must know what determines the investment level for a new roof.

There are 4 factors that determine the price for a new roof. Two of the factors are outside of your control, the other two are completely within your control.

Factors outside of your control.

1. Technical Requirements – Think of this as the size of your roof, complexity of your roof (i.e. number of dormers, stories, number of chimneys, wall flashing, etc.) and slope (pitch) of your roof. When the roofing contractor arrives at your home, they will measure the roof and assess the complexity. This is a factor that you DON’T control. Your home has determined that for you, and it will dictate what materials are required to ensure that your roof remains a water-proof system.

2. Code Requirements – What we’re really talking about here is safety. The local city and state governments require that certain safety guidelines are met for your roof. Examples are number of layers of roofing materials currently on your home (maximum allowable is 2 in most states), underlayment protection, solid decking and structural integrity. Again, this is a factor that neither you nor the roofing company can control. The authorities determine this and enforce it with an inspection by permit.

Factors that are inside of your control.

1. Style Choices – You have a lot of choices when designing your roof. Not too long ago, the only choices available to homeowners were asphalt shingles and painted metal roofing systems (Rib Panel and Standing Seam). Now, you have tons of options for your roof including: Stone Coated Steel Shingles, Painted Steel Shingles, Seamless Steel Shingles, and much more. The choice that you make will affect the price of your roof. The good news is these choices are completely up to you!

2. People Choices – You get to choose the people and the company that will spend an entire day (or more) installing your roof, perform the maintenance on your roof, and uphold the guarantees on your roof. Again, this choice is 100% up to you! Just remember, there are all kinds of people and companies in this world, so choose wisely!

As you can see, the price of your roof is up to you. The average roof replacement in Indiana is roughly $15,000. You can be higher or lower, the choice is yours.

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