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At Honest Abe Roofing, we have all your needs covered. Whether your roof is old and needs to be replaced or was damaged in a recent storm and requires a repair, you can count on our team for a reliable solution. We are an affordable roofing company in Lakeland, FL, that is backed by a national name that has been a market leader since 2005. We offer roof repairs, replacements, and maintenance services as well as roof ventilation and roof inspections. Our premium products are extremely strong and resistant and designed to last a lifetime.

At Honest Abe Roofing Lakeland, FL, it’s very important that our customers fully trust us with their homes. Our certified roofing professionals take pride in their work, while also providing reliable and afforable roofing services. Though we certainly aim to build lifelong customers, our premium roofing services will nearly guarantee that you won’t need us in the future. For that reason, we’ll be happy to not have to pay you another visit! In the case that there is a problem with our service, we offer our Roof Assurance Guarantee.

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How Long Should a Roof Last?

Lakeland Roof Installation

We're true believers that quality roofs should last a lifetime, and our roofing contractors in Lakeland stand by that. Depending on care, and the weather your roof endures it should last for up to 50 years. A quality roof starts with a high-quality underlayment as a base for your roof. Whether it be non-bitumen synthetic, asphalt-saturated felt, or severe storm shield, we have a variety of options to choose from. Many roofing companies will choose asphalt-saturated felt as it's typically the cheapest option, but our roofing contractors will discuss your options with you to determine which fits your budget and your needs. Ventilation is also very important when it comes to a quality roof, so during your roof installation in Lakeland, we focus on proper ventilation to help extend its life. When your roof is not properly ventilated, warm air will sit in your attic and cause your house to become increasingly humid. Improperly ventilated roofs in the winter can cause ice dams on your gutters which travels under your roof shingles and causes further damage. From start to finish, our roofing contractors in Lakeland will provide high-quality affordable roofing services.

Can You Help With a Leaking Roof?Roof Repair in Lakeland

Many factors could lead to needing roof repair in Lakeland, and first, our roof repair experts need to determine the cause of the leak. The reasons your roof may be leaking include tree limbs falling on your home, improper roof installation, or wind damage. Whether it be an emergency or just a normal priority, our roof repair experts can help no matter what caused the roof damage and roof leak. Not only will our experts repair your roof, but they will put precautions in place to protect it from future damage. Not only do we want to provide roofs that last a lifetime, but we also make sure to provide affordable roofing services in Bloomington. Constructing your roof correctly and with quality materials is our priority, if you want a roof that lasts a lifetime, give us a call.

Always Here When You Need Us

Disaster can strike at any moment. And when it strikes your home – and in particular your roof – you can always count on Honest Abe Roofing Lakeland, FL to be there for you. We will always answer your call 24/7 to assist you with emergencies and we provide a variety of additional services in addition to our affordable roofing. We can also repair and install gutters and insulate your home. Best of all, our Lowest Investment Guarantee ensures you get your roof at the lowest possible price and our Presidential Accountability Guarantee will make sure you’re always covered in the event a manufacturer refuses to honor their warranty.

We have the best guarantees in the industry! Contact our Lakeland roofers today at (863) 474-8693 to learn more.

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    Should a manufacturer refuse to honor their warranty, we accept personal responsibility at NO CHARGE.

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    We will make any necessary repairs free for as long as you live in your home.

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    Not completely satisfied after 365 days? We’ll correct the problem or your money back, guaranteed.

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