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New Roof Installation & Roof Replacement in Atlanta

Whether you’re building a new home or tired of frustrating contractor repairs that don’t seem to last, you’ve come to the right place. With a new asphalt or metal roof by Honest Abe Roofing North East Atlanta, you have an actual guarantee that after our expert roof installation services, you will Never Roof Again. We are the trusted roof installation experts for the north east Atlanta area because we offer reliable, affordable roofing services.

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Metal Roof Replacement & Installation

Sleek and revolutionary, metal roofs are a popular choice due to their durability against the elements and longer lifespan than traditional roof options. And, no, your home won’t end up looking like a pole barn unless that’s the look you’re going for. There are numerous customization options to tailor your metal roof in a way that reflects your preferred aesthetic.

Our metal ForevRoof™ options include:

Metal Roof Installation in Atlanta

  • Dimensional – These stone-coated steel shingle panels mimic the look of conventional asphalt, with the resilience only metal can bring.

  • Barrel Vault – Barrel vault tiles are reminiscent of the traditional Spanish “S” tile, which adds structural strength to your roof.

  • Shake – With a metal shake roof, you get the beauty of cedar shake roofing with durable material that won’t warp or rot.

  • Tile – These metal tiles are more lightweight than concrete or clay tile and can withstand harsh weather.

  • Standing Seam – These straight roofing panels allow for concealing fastener clips from sight, providing an elegant look.

  • Rib – A ribbed metal panel keeps fastener clips exposed, creating a visually appealing boldness that performs well in all environments.

Asphalt Roof Replacement & Installation

Asphalt Roof Replacement Services

Traditional asphalt roofing systems continue to be quite popular. At Honest Abe Roofing North East Atlanta, we’ve perfected our installation techniques to provide a cost-effective yet durable solution for homeowners. Timelessly beautiful, asphalt roofing offers many customization options for style, texture, and color. Fire-resistant and lightweight, you can’t go wrong with the natural look these shingles provide.

The truth is in our name – there’s a reason we’re often called The Reliable Roofer. Turn to Honest Abe Roofing North East Atlanta for roofing services in Northeast Atlanta by calling (770) 691-1825 or scheduling your free quote online.

Hear From Our Happy Customers
  • “I've had three roofs replaced in my lifetime and of the three, your job was not only the most professional, but the fastest as well.”

    - Steve P.
  • “I've had three roofs replaced in my lifetime and of the three, your job was not only the most professional, but the fastest as well.”

    - Steve P.