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Polymer Modified Shingles

Asphalt Roofing Systems That Last a Lifetime

The Honest Abe Roofing Polymer Modified Shingle will give you the traditional asphalt-roof look you want while performing more like a metal roof. These special shingles are crafted extremely differently than traditional asphalt shingles. Asphalt is a substance that hardens as it cools, which is why it is used to construct the roads that we drive on. Although asphalt alone is hard, it’s also brittle—just look at the potholes you see! Our shingles are created with the same asphalt used in traditional shingles, but they are modified with a polymer called Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (S.B.S.). The rubberizing aspect of S.B.S. allows for greater flexibility; the shingles resist cracking even in extremely cold weather, allowing for year-round application. The S.B.S. in the Honest Abe Roofing Polymer Modified Shingles also allows the granules to more completely adhere to the shingle, which is one of the key components of protecting the shingle.


Class 4 Hail Impact Rating

The Honest Abe Roofing Polymer Modified Shingle has a Class 4 hail impact rating, which is the highest the industry has to offer. This means that your roof can withstand up to baseball-sized hail. When those spring storms bring their worst, your roof will perform its best.

Class A Fire Rating

Rest easy knowing that your Honest Abe Roofing Polymer Modified Shingle is protecting your home with the best fire rating available.

130 MPH Wind Rating

Wind is one of the most common causes of premature roof failure. The Honest Abe Roofing Polymer Modified Shingle has the highest wind rating available. With our expert roofing services, you can say goodbye to the days of picking up shingles out of your yard after a windy day.

Algae Resistant

There is nothing appealing about algae growing on a roof. That is why the Honest Abe Roofing Polymer Modified Shingle has Copper and Zinc in the granule mixture, which bind to the algae and either kill it or prevent it from growing.

Installed at or above 0 Degrees Fahrenheit

The S.B.S. mixture in the Honest Abe Roofing Polymer Modified Shingle is soft and stays soft, even in extreme cold. Now you do not have to wait until warmer weather to get the roof you desperately need.

How are Polymer Shingles Different Than Traditional Materials

Polymer shingles are designed to be more resilient than mere asphalt shingles. Most are designed from an admixture of both asphalt and polymers like SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) that make them more resilient to weather conditions, more durable under stress, and more long-lasting over time.


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  • Low Investment Guarantee
    Peace of mind knowing you obtained your roof at the lowest investment possible.
  • No-Risk Guarantee
    The price you are quoted is the price you will pay, guaranteed.
  • Presidential Accountability Guarantee
    Should a manufacturer refuse to honor their warranty, we accept personal responsibility at NO CHARGE.
  • Invest Once Guarantee
    We will make any necessary repairs free for as long as you live in your home.
  • Roof Assurance Guarantee
    Not completely satisfied after 365 days? We’ll correct the problem or your money back, guaranteed.
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