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Stone-Coated Steel Shingles

Sleek and Durable Metal Roofing Products

If you want the appearance of premium asphalt with the performance of metal, our stone-coated shingles are the best option for you. The stone-coated steel shingles by Honest Abe Roofing are sleek and make for an aesthetically pleasing roof. In addition to looking pristine, our stone-coated shingles are incredibly durable. They are capable of resisting even the most severe weather conditions. By coating our superior-strength 24-26 gauge steel with a thick layer of stone, our shingles gain both strength and curb appeal.

How can you tell our stone-coated steel shingles are the best?

  • Long lasting beauty – Your Honest Abe stone-coated steel shingle roof will look like new for as long as you own your home, guaranteed.
  • Class 4 hail impact rating – Your roof will be able to withstand hail up to the size of a baseball, thanks to the highest hail impact rating possible.
  • Class A fire rating – You can rest easy knowing your home is protected by a roof with the best fire rating available.
  • 130 MPH wind rating – Wind does not stand a chance against our highly durable shingles. You will never again be picking up shingles off the ground after a windy day.
  • Algae resistant – Our shingles are made with compounds that prevent the growth of algae.

What's the Difference Between Your Enviro-Steel & Stone Coated Shingles?

As the name suggests, stone-coated shingles are designed from metal covered with a layer of stone. Our enviro-steel shingles do not have an added layer of stone.

gable-roofed home with stone-coated steel shingles

Do Stone Coated Steel Roofs Last Longer than Other Metal Roofs?

Generally, the lifespan for stone-coated steel roofs is estimated at 40 to 70 years, which is the same span as other metal roofs. However, with the added layer of stone, a well-designed and carefully installed stone coated metal roof has a better chance of reaching the upper range of 70 years than an exposed metal roof.

Brick home with red stone coated steel shingles

Stone Coated Metal Roofing Problems

The main hesitation people tend to have with stone coated metal roofs is the upfront cost. This product is on the premium end and brings with it more advantages than most roofing types. But it does require a larger initial investment. Some people also have concerns about the stone coating wearing down over time from UV exposure or weather damage. This can happen if incorrect adhesive is used or if it is not properly applied. The good news is that even if the adhesive on the stones wears down after 10-20 years, a roofer can reapply it relatively easily anywhere damage has occurred. Overall, stone coated steel shingles are much simpler to maintain compared with asphalt shingles.

Top-Notch Roofing Repair

At Honest Abe Roofing, we work hard to bring a customer service focus into the roofing industry. Protecting our customers’ homes is incredibly important to us. We want to make roof replacement and maintenance as stress-free as possible. We use an Executive Collection of products and an Executive Installation Process that are second-to-none. These ensure that every roof is durable and safe. Our Field Managers will come to your home and complete a 16-point inspection. This also includes a free design consultation. Our goal is to prove to you that you have the most reliable team on your side.

Home with Stone-Coated Steel Shingle Garnet Tile roof

Available Colors

  • Shake XD - Antique Chestnut Shake XD - Antique Chestnut
  • Shake XD - Pinnacle Grey Shake XD - Pinnacle Grey
  • Tile - Terracotta Tile - Terracotta
  • Tile - Weathered Timber Tile - Weathered Timber
  • Shingle XD - Classic Cobblestone Shingle XD - Classic Cobblestone
  • Shingle XD - Midnight Eclipse Shingle XD - Midnight Eclipse
  • Shingle XD - Natural Slate Shingle XD - Natural Slate
  • Shingle XD - Old Hickory Shingle XD - Old Hickory
  • Shake XD - Woodland Green Shake XD - Woodland Green
  • Shingle XD - Woodland Green Shingle XD - Woodland Green
  • Tile - Charcoal Tile - Charcoal
  • Tile - Chestnut Tile - Chestnut
  • Tile - Garnet Tile - Garnet
  • Tile - Granite Grey Tile - Granite Grey
  • Tile - Shadowood Tile - Shadowood
  • Villa Tile - Amalfi Sand Villa Tile - Amalfi Sand
  • Villa Tile - Capri Clay Villa Tile - Capri Clay
  • Villa Tile - Pompeii Ash Villa Tile - Pompeii Ash
  • Villa Tile - Rustico Clay Villa Tile - Rustico Clay
  • Villa Tile - Venetian Clay Villa Tile - Venetian Clay
  • Shake XD - Antique Chestnut House Shake XD - Antique Chestnut House
  • Shake XD - Pinnacle Grey House Shake XD - Pinnacle Grey House
  • Shingle XD - Old Hickory House Shingle XD - Old Hickory House
  • Tile - Garnet House Tile - Garnet House
  • Villa Tile - Venetian Gold House Villa Tile - Venetian Gold House
Hear From Our Happy Customers
  • “It was great working with all the crew, everyone was real friendly and did a professional job. I would definitely recommend them to my friends.”

    - Jerry
  • “You can image the joy I felt when I saw your crew protecting my home and landscaping and the relief when they made sure everything was back”

    - Chad Hall
  • “I was set to repair my roof again for the fifth time, but your team showed me some alternatives that I hadn’t considered. I ended up with a brand new roof I’m confident that will last for years to come.”

    - Linda Layton
  • “Normally, I would think of roofers as a type of rough bunch, but your team was so professional. They really put me at ease and did a fantastic job.”

    - Mary Fairview
  • “I’ve had three roofs replaced in my lifetime and of the three, your job was not only the most professional, but the fastest as well.”

    - Steve Pearman