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Hail Damage Roof Repair Services

Quality Repairs for Roofs Damaged by Hailstorms

Hailstorms cause billions of dollars in damage on a yearly basis. After car insurance claims, roof insurance claims are the second most common claim for hail damage on a yearly basis. Figuring out if you should file a claim yourself can be stressful if you aren’t sure how bad the damage is. If you want professional insight, you can always give our team a call for a free, no-obligation roof inspection. 

The Hail Damage Inspection Process

  • If you have shingles, we will look for holes, dents, or lost granules
  • If you have metal, tile, or slate, we will look for punctures, cracks, and chips   
  • We will also inspect your gutters, vents, and skylights for damage 
  • After the inspection, we will provide a summary of how severe the damage is
  • We will provide a verbal quote based on our findings  

To work with a team backed by five warranties, reach out to us by finding a location near you

Hail Damage Repair for Shingles

Most people assume that shingles lose their integrity from holes and dents caused by hailstones. But severe damage may be present even if telltale divots are not present. This is because hailstones can pound away at shingles and loosen up their granules. Without coverage from granules, the lifespan of shingles can become severely reduced and lead to unsuspected water intrusion. hail damage on shingle roof

Our team can identify whether your shingles have lost their integrity. If needed, we can replace your shingles with stronger more hail-resistant options. Rubber roofing like Polymer Modified Shingles provide a higher level of protection and durability. 

Hail Damage Repair for Metal Roofs

Metal roofing thankfully stands up very well against most hailstorms. Nevertheless, we know that no roofing is strong enough to withstand the very largest hail or the highest windspeeds. While severe hail damage on metal roofs is uncommon, we can install new metal sheets anywhere you may need them if puncturing has occurred. 

Functionally, metal roofing is better able to withstand hail damage compared with shingles. While metal roofing is prone to small dents from hailstones, minor surface damage like this will not affect the performance of metal roofing. 

Hail Damage Repair for Tile Roofs  

Broken tiles and shards can be dangerous if they slip off a roof. Holes or chipping on tiles will also severely reduce their ability to shed water. The good news is that tiles are usually unaffected by average-sized hail. hail damage on tile roof

Our roof repair team can identify the unique patterns of hail damage on tile. Usually, this takes the form of crescent or spider web cracks.  

Hail Damage Repair for Stone-Coated Steel Shingles  

With a Class 4 impact rating, stone-coated steel shingles are one of the smartest options for resistance against hail. The combination of steel and stone offers strong protection for your roof against all kinds of inclement weather.  

Learn more about installing stone-coated shingles for your roof.

Hail Damage on Slate Roofs  

Slate is another example of a highly resilient material that can withstand average sized hailstones provided that windspeeds aren’t extreme. Most slate is at least Class 3. Thicker slate is Class 4, which is the best protection against hail. Severe hail damage to slate usually only occurs with older slate that has deteriorated over decades.

For slate that is nowhere near it’s upper age limit, the solution for hail damage is simply taking individual slates that are damaged and replacing them.

Get a Roof Inspection Today

Hiring a team to professionally inspect your roof is the first step towards fixing your property after a bad storm. Start with a free roof hail inspection from Honest Abe Roofing today. 


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